Car Servicing Durham

Servicing is the mot important part of vehicle maintenance as it goes in more depth than an MOT inspection. With yearly inspections you will keep your vehicle running to the best of its ability and also put your mind at rest, knowing that your vehicle is running at its peak performance. For a vehicle with an annual mileage of 10,000, a yearly inspection is the optimal bench mark to make sure your vehicle maintains safety and is performing well. According to reports, most vehicles can exceed 150,000 miles without any major breakdowns. Anything that is used excessively will break sooner or later, so be sure to schedule a service for your vehicle to avoid an unnecessary break down.

All our new customers are provided with a full service, this helps us to become familiar with the condition of your vehicle.

We offer:

  • All spark plugs replaced (inc platinum if over 20k)
  • All filters: oil, air, pollen filters and fuel (gearbox filters are renewed at 40k)
  • Full Vehicle inspection
  • Full brake inspection
  • All fluid levels are checked and topped up
  • Oil drained and replaced with the correct oil.
  • Tyres and wheels are checked and pressure adjusted (inc spare wheel and space saver)
  • Full road test
  • Service indicator reset
  • Service book stamped
  • A full diagnostic scan of all available systems
  • All lights and lamps are checked for condition
  • All interior components checked

Your 2nd repeated service with us will include all of the same checks as seen above but we will check all filters and plugs and we will only replace parts that are necessary to your annual mileage and driving, these items will carry an additional charge.

We will always let you know about any parts that are still serviceable but have a limited lifespan, for example if your brake pads are 70% worn out, we would advise you to come back in 3 months for a free brake inspection. This means you get the most use out of your brake pads and it will save you money in the long run.

We will never change anything that does not require changing and we will never change anything without your consent.

We will help you with you car