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Repairing Your Vehicle in Durham, County Durham

Ensure your vehicle is roadworthy with our help in Durham, County Durham. Carried out by experienced and qualified technicians, we offer vehicle repairs and servicing that do not affect your manufacturer's warranty.

Servicing Coverage

Backed by more than 30 years of experience, our team of expert engineers are able to carry out services on all parts of your vehicle. This includes:

Alignments • Brake Disk and Pad Repair and Service • Clutch, Cam Belt, and Timing Chain Replacement • Complete Computer Diagnostics and Safety Analyses • Drivability Problems • Engine Rebuild or Replacement • Exhaust Systems • New Tyre Fitting • Oil Changes • Specialist Custom Car Parts Fitting Service • Steering and Suspension • Suspension and Exhaust Replacement • Timing Belts • Welding

Repairing a Car

Comprehensive Vehicle Diagnostics

Most modern vehicles are now fitted with a vehicle management system to control and maintain aspects of their operation and overall performance. Carrying out electrical component repairs in modern cars is difficult and requires the correct use of diagnostic equipment to perform professional modifications and software resets. Our mechanics are fully trained to use the latest diagnostic equipment, ensuring an effective and reliable repair. The diagnostic tools, technical data, and wiring diagrams we use are the latest standards for car diagnostics in the Durham area.

An Efficient Air Conditioning System

Although we sometimes take our air conditioning system for granted, it may lose up to 15% of its efficiency in just one year. This will cause your engine to work harder to compensate, which increases your fuel consumption. Even modern systems are prone to a build up of condensation, which is an ideal breeding ground for unseen bacteria, mould, and fungi, all of which may cause sore throats, flu-like symptoms, allergies, and odours. Durham Tyre and Auto Repair Centre has recognised the importance of regularly servicing and maintaining your air conditioning systems and invested in specialist equipment and factory-trained technicians to ensure your system remains in peak condition.

The Varied Roles of the Clutch

Your engine is constantly spinning, and it is the job of the clutch to create a smooth engagement between the engine and a non-spinning transmission. It allows engine power to be applied gradually when the vehicle pulls away, interrupts power to the transmission for gear changes, and stops the engine from stalling when bringing the vehicle to a halt. When fully engaged, the clutch helps shift power from the engine to the transmission, creating drive in the wheels. Once disengaged the clutch stops the power from the engine reaching the transmission.

The Cost of a Service

While servicing is required every year, we are able to offer annual, major, and interim services. Annual services start from £100 and major services begin at £150, however both prices may vary depending on your vehicle. Interim services start from just £40.

Contact us now, in Durham, County Durham, to receive more information about our vehicle servicing and repairs.