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Brand-New Vehicle Tyres in Durham, County Durham

Although it may not seem that important, purchasing new car tyres is not something that should be overlooked. The tyres are an integral part of the vehicle; they help determine your fuel efficiency, handling, and the overall safety of the vehicle. This is not an area in which you should cut costs, which is why Durham Tyre and Auto Repair Centre, in Durham, County Durham, supplies clients with a comprehensive range of premium car tyres.

Changing a Tyre

The Danger of Worn Tyres

Vehicles that are caught running with worn tyres that are not roadworthy may cost the driver up to £2,500 per tyre in fines, and could result a three-point licence penalty. The legal minimum and required tread depth to pass a MOT test is 2mm, but even in this state, the tyre's braking distance is one and-a-half times longer than new tyres. It is for these reasons that we do not offer second-hand, refurbished, or part-worn tyres. We believe it is not worth risking your safety to save a small amount of money, so we only offer new tyres that follow EU legislation.

An Array of Options

Covering all sizes, from 10" to 24", we offer both standard and run flat tyres that fit steel and alloy wheels. Our selection caters for all financial situations, ranging from budgets tyres to premium options made by reputable manufacturers such as Michelin™, Pirelli™, and Goodyear™. Using the latest equipment, we will fit these to your wheel without leaving any damage or scratches.

Important EU Legislation

On the 1st of November 2012 the new EU Tyre Labelling legislation came into force. All new car, 4x4, SUV, van, and most truck tyres manufactured after the 1st of July 2012 will carry a new 'tyre label' which is similar to the energy stickers that appear on white goods. The new label will provide you with objective, reliable, and comparable information about your tyre purchase. Tyres manufactured before 1st July 2012 may still carry an old style label.

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