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Meticulous and Thorough MOT Tests in Durham, County Durham

Once vehicles have reached three years of age, it is a legal requirement that they are put through comprehensive MOT tests annually. We are a repair and MOT centre located in Durham, County Durham, that completes tests on all types of vehicle, including cars, 4x4s, and small commercial vehicles.

Booking Your MOT

Simply contact us via our website or telephone to book your vehicle's MOT test, or alternatively drop your vehicle off and we will fit you in. We understand that leaving your vehicle is often an inconvenience, which is why we offer to transport you home or to work after dropping your vehicle off, and will pick you up when the test is complete.

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A Comprehensive Test

The MOT test is split into six major categories. They are:

Brakes - Importantly, the test involves checks of the ABS warning system and controls, the condition of the service and parking brake systems, and the performance of the service and parking brakes themselves.

Lights - This section assesses the front and rear lamps, headlamps, headlamp aim, stop lamps, rear reflectors, direction indicators, hazard lamps, and rear fog lights.

Seatbelts - The mountings, condition, operation, and position of your seatbelts will be reviewed.

Steering and Suspension - The steering control, steering mechanism and system, power steering, transmission shafts, wheel bearings, front suspension, rear suspension, and shock absorbers are all tested.

Tyres and Wheels - The engineer will check the size, type, and condition of the tyre and road wheels.

General Areas - The driver's view of the road, horn, exhaust system, exhaust emissions, vehicle condition, mirrors, fuel system registration plates and VIN numbers, and overall condition will all be tested and analysed.

Test Details

The MOT tests that we complete are for class 4 vehicles, a category which covers cars, 4x4s, small commercial vehicles, and any automobile that weighs less than 3,000kg. Any issues discovered during the test may be repaired by our experienced technicians. The tests are charged at just £35, and following successful completion, we will provide a MOT certificate.

Conveniently Located

Our MOT centre is conveniently located close to a large Tesco™ shopping centre. This allows customers to leave their car with us and do their shopping while the test is being conducted.

Contact our MOT centre now, in Durham, County Durham, to obtain more information about our MOT tests.